About Laser And Plastic Surgery

At Al-Liwan Center, we offer a wide range of advanced laser and plastic surgery services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our experienced surgeons specialize in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Whether you’re looking for facial rejuvenation, body contouring, scar revision, or breast augmentation, our priority is your safety and delivering natural-looking results. Trust our expertise and personalized approach to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence.

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+974 511 17494

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Please note that the specific services offered may vary based on individual cases and the expertise of our plastic surgeons. It is recommended to consult with our team for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan

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Questions & Answers

Is plastic surgery safe?

Plastic surgery, when performed by qualified and experienced surgeons, is generally safe. At Al-Liwan Center, our skilled plastic surgeons prioritize patient safety and adhere to strict safety protocols to minimize risks and complications.

How do I determine if I'm a good candidate for a specific procedure?

The best way to determine your candidacy for a specific procedure is through a consultation with our plastic surgeons. They will evaluate your medical history, discuss your goals, and perform a thorough examination to provide personalized recommendations.

How long is the recovery period after plastic surgery?

The recovery period varies depending on the procedure performed. Our plastic surgeons will provide detailed post-operative instructions, including information about recovery timelines and activities to avoid during the healing process.

Will I have visible scars after plastic surgery?

While some scarring is inevitable with any surgical procedure, our plastic surgeons are skilled in minimizing visible scars. They use techniques to place incisions discreetly and provide post-operative care to optimize scar healing.

Are there non-surgical alternatives for certain cosmetic concerns?

Yes, there are non-surgical alternatives available for various cosmetic concerns. Our center offers non-surgical treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, Botox injections, and dermal fillers as alternatives or complementary options to surgery.

How long do the results of plastic surgery last?

The longevity of plastic surgery results depends on various factors, including the procedure performed, individual healing ability, and lifestyle choices. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper skincare and sun protection, can help prolong the results.

What are the potential risks and complications associated with plastic surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, plastic surgery carries certain risks and potential complications. Our plastic surgeons will discuss these risks with you during the consultation and take necessary precautions to minimize them.

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