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We provide a wide range of pediatric services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and developmental assessments. Our pediatricians monitor your child’s growth milestones, provide guidance on nutrition and healthy habits, and address any concerns or conditions that may arise during their early years.

From managing common childhood illnesses to offering personalized care for chronic conditions, our pediatricians work closely with you and your child to develop treatment plans that meet their individual needs. We understand the importance of maintaining open communication and building a trusting relationship with both you and your child, ensuring that all medical decisions are made collaboratively.

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+974 511 17494

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Other Services

Well-child check-ups and vaccinations

Acute illness management

Chronic disease management

Developmental assessments

Adolescent healthcare

Nutritional guidance

Our team of experienced pediatricians is dedicated to delivering compassionate care, building a long-lasting relationship with your family, and supporting your child’s health and development every step of the way.

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Questions & Answers

When should I schedule my child's first pediatric visit?

It is recommended to schedule your child’s first pediatric visit within the first few weeks after birth. This initial visit allows the pediatrician to conduct a comprehensive examination and establish a baseline for your child’s health.

How often should my child have well-child check-ups?

Well-child check-ups are typically scheduled at regular intervals during the first few years of life and annually thereafter. These visits allow the pediatrician to monitor your child’s growth, development, and overall health.

What vaccinations does my child need and when?

Vaccination schedules can vary, but they generally follow a recommended timetable outlined by healthcare authorities. Your pediatrician will provide you with a personalized vaccination plan based on your child’s age and medical history.

What can I do to keep my child healthy and prevent illness?

Maintaining good hygiene practices, promoting a healthy diet, ensuring regular exercise, and following recommended immunization schedules are key factors in keeping your child healthy. Your pediatrician can provide additional guidance tailored to your child’s needs.

How can I manage my child's common illnesses, such as colds and fevers?

Your pediatrician can offer guidance on managing common childhood illnesses, including recommendations for fever reduction, over-the-counter medication usage, hydration, and rest.

What developmental milestones should I expect my child to reach?

Pediatricians closely monitor developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking, speaking, and social interactions. They can provide you with age-appropriate expectations and intervene if any developmental delays are observed.

When should I be concerned about my child's behavior or emotional well-being?

If you have concerns about your child’s behavior, emotions, or mental health, it’s essential to discuss them with your pediatrician. They can evaluate your child’s well-being, provide guidance, and refer you to appropriate resources if necessary.

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